Sorting out your accommodations is just one of your priorities.  You will soon move
to a new country.  The information links below will allow you to prepare properly:

bulletHow do I open a bank account?
bulletHow do I pay rent and utility bills, and how do I pay for goods in a shop?
bulletCan I use my current mobile phone in Belgium?
bulletWhat power voltage and plugs do they use in Belgium?
bulletNever heard of Belgium?  Here is a brief history.
bulletDiamonds are forever in Antwerp, so read our brief guide to diamond shopping.
bulletThe world-renown Belgian chocolate: Where does it come from?  What's so good about it?


External links of interest:

How to get to and around Antwerp?

bulletWhere on earth is Antwerp?
bulletSN Brussels Airlines (the European Airline's official website for booking tickets, timetables and air fares for all flights throughout Europe, Africa and America)
bulletRyanair (cheap flights to Brussels (Charleroi) from UK, Ireland, Italy, etc.)
bulletBrussels Airport (timetables, arrival/departure times, etc.)
bulletEurostar (travel by train from London to Brussels in less than 3 hours)
bulletThalys (travel by train to Antwerp from Paris, Amsterdam or Cologne)
bulletBelgian train schedules

More about Antwerp and Belgium

bulletAntwerp (official website of the City of Antwerp)
bulletAntwerp Zoo (in Dutch)
bulletBelgium Travel Network
bulletBelgium Tourist Office

Belgian food and beer

bulletBelgian fries
bulletBelgian chocolate
bulletThe Multi Media Guide to Belgian Beer (learn more about Belgium's 450+ different beers)
bulletGlobal Beer Network

Entertainment, art, antiques

bulletCinebel (information about all move theaters in Belgium; includes film reviews)
bulletRoyal Museum of Fine Arts
bulletAntwerp Antiques

Search engines

bulletAdValvas (lots of information about Belgium)
bulletGolden Pages (search engine for telephone numbers in Belgium)